The Hooksett Garden Club Mission Statement
The Hooksett Garden Club wishes to encourage interest in all phases of gardening, floral design and horticulture; to aid
 in the protection and conservation of natural resources; and to assist in the civic beautification of the community.

Meeting Information
Monthly meetings are held at the Hooksett Public Library,
31 Mount Saint Mary's Way, Hooksett NH, on the last Wednesday
of the month February through October.
*NOTE –  At the February meeting of the club is was
voted by the members to change the meeting time from 4 to 6:30 PM. 
Their will be a social time from 6 -6:30 and all meetings that have
a program will have the program first, starting at 6:30.
The business meeting will follow at approx. 7:30.

2017 marked the twentieth anniversary for the Hooksett Garden Club. 
Founded in 1997 by 12 charter members, the club has been an active part
of the Hooksett community ever since. We welcome new members
You don't have to live in the town of Hooksett to attend a meeting or be a member.
New to the area and want to meet new people? stop by - we’d be happy to meet 
you! Anyone interested in joining, or just curious as to what the club does, is
encouraged to come to a meeting and see what goes on. Some of our members
have extensive gardening knowledge and are Master Gardeners -
 others have learned by trial and error. 
                              Programs are free and open to the public.
The HGC is a member of the New Hampshire Federation of Garden Clubs, Inc.,
the National Garden Clubs, Inc., and New England Garden Club, and through 
those affiliations many other educational and social opportunities available to us.

Hooksett Garden Club  OFFICERS 2018-2019
                 President                                      Ron Trexler
                 1st Vice President                       Elena Whitfield 
                 2nd Vice President                     Nancy Barrett
                 Treasurer                                     Doris Sorel
                 Corresponding Secretary          Paula Harris
                 Recording Secretary                  Rachel  Sweeney

HGC Board meeting - the 2nd Wednesday of the month –
  3:30 PM at the Hooksett Public Library.

The Hooksett Garden Club is very sad to announce the passing
 of long time member, Nan Veilleux, on December 31, 2017. 
Nan was a valued member whose energy and creativity
 were an inspiration to all of us. 
Nan served as club President at one time and
 was involved in almost all of the clubs activities. 
She will be greatly missed by her garden club friends.

Wednesday, March 21  SPRING OPEN HOUSE 
For anyone interested in becoming a member or just interested 
In seeing what the club does, please join us at 6:30 at the
Hooksett Public Library. Come and have refreshments, meet the 
current members, learn about the club’s upcoming and view a variety 
of mini-demonstration tables. Free literature will be available on
such topics as soil testing, mulching, herb and vegetable growing,
invasive plants, native plants and more.  The HGC is a great 
resource for experienced and novice gardeners alike – sharing 
knowledge, field trips, community events, gaining knowledge, 
meeting new people, making new friends and getting involved
in the community. 
Free and open to the public.
* It looks like there is a possibility that we are going to have another big storm
on Wednesday. In that event, the Library will close and our Open House will be 
rescheduled for Wednesday, April 18 at 6:30. Check the Hooksett Library website
for closings.

Business meeting, Wednesday, March 28. This meeting will include 

a presentation by Ron Lockwood from the Manchester Garden Club

on tulips, entitled "Tulip Mania."

Thursday, April 12. Presentation by Kerry Mendez at the Susan N. McLane 
Audubon Center in Concord hosted by the Concord, Hooksett and Candia Garden Clubs.

Business meeting and annual spring library clean up, Wednesday, April 25.

Field trip to Fuller Gardens in North Hampton TBA

Wednesday, May 30, 9am to 3pm. The NHFGC Annual Meeting will be held 
at the Keene Country Club, and will have the Theme, “Plant America, Plant NH”. 
The Program will be “Green Thumbs in the White House” presented by Kevin Bragg
 from Canterbury Gardens

Saturday, June 2, 10am – 2pm, ANNUAL PLANT SALE 
held at R&R Public Wholesalers, 1371 Hooksett Rd., Hooksett.
Annuals, perennials, vegetables, herbs and house plants.
Several wonderful raffle items. Master Gardeners on hand to answer questions. 
Rain or Shine, plenty of free parking.

Business meeting, Wednesday,  June 27. This meeting will include 
a presentation by Fern Doucette entitled “Mechanics”.




The horticultural moment for this month was on pruning. Elena said this is the

time to prune your bushes, perennials and shrubs that bloom in the summer.

Spring blooming shrubs should be pruned in the summer right after blooming.

Lilacs – Prune right after they bloom by cutting out old growth stems, suckers and spent flowers.

Butterfly Bush – Can be cut right to the ground and it will grow back and bloom all in one season.

Forsythia – Prune right after blooms fade as it blooms next year on old wood.

Cut out all old stems and shorten ones that are too long.

Rose of Sharon – Can be pruned in late fall, late winter or very early spring 

before buds form. Cut back to first node. Grows on new wood.

Hydrangeas – It depends on if the hydrangea blooms on old or new wood. 

For those that bloom on new wood, they can be cut back to the first live bud

sometimes in April but be patient.

Roses – never prune in the fall, always wait until spring when you just barely 

see new buds, then cut to the first live bud. Cut all old growth.

Fruit Trees – Apple trees can be pruned in late winter into early spring. 

Elena recommended a book called Pruning Book by Lee Reich as a good resource to have 

when deciding whether or when to prune.

For past months' Horticultural Moments, please navigate to 

Horticultural Moment on the left hand sidebar.

Hooksett Garden Club

Hooksett, New Hampshire

Organized and Federated in 1997

Member of the

New Hampshire Federation of Garden Clubs, Inc. 

National Garden Clubs, Inc.  and New England Garden Clubs

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