February & March
The first ever Zoom meetings of the HGC were held on the fourth Wednesday of the month. These will continue until we are able to meet in the meeting rooms of the
library or until we can hold an outdoor event.

The Zoom meeting for this month on March 31 included a slide program by 
UNH Cooperative Extension Advanced Master Gardener Ruth Droescher
Ruth’s presentation was on “Native Plants for New England Gardens” 
and covered the concepts of natives and cultivars, the benefits and 
advantages of native plants as well as replacing invasives with natives to 
support natural pollinators and enhance backyard landscapes. She offered recommendations on plants beneficial to pollinators. Very timely with our new Monarch Waystation project coming up. 

The May 26 meeting will be a library clean up. This will include a demonstration
by President Ron Trexler on dividing perennials. After the clean up is done, we
will have a meeting on the library portico and a pizza party.

Our first event in June is the Plant Sale on June 5 at R&R Public Wholesalers
from 10am to 2pm. All members are encouraged to participate and be at there
by 8am. All member plants will be priced the day before at Ron's house. Our 
three part revenue stream from this fund raiser are the plants, a garden themed
yard sale and a raffle.

On June 14, the NHFGC holds part three of its 87th Annual Meeting at 
Bedrock Gardens in Lee, NH. The first two parts are via Zoom on May 26 and 
June 9. The event at Bedrock Gardens includes the installation of officers for 
2021-2013, a tour of the gardens and lunch. If you plan to go, please contact Ron
before June 1 as he will register us as a group. You can bring a lunch or buy one
through the NHFGC website.

June 23 is the tentative date for our first of the year "Cocktails in the Garden"
at the home of Elena Whitfield in Manchester.