Hooksett Garden Club
Mission Statement
The Hooksett Garden Club wishes
to encourage interest in all phases
of gardening, floral design and 
horticulture; to aid in the protection
and conservation of natural resources;
and to assist in the civic beautification of the community.
Meeting Information
Monthly meetings are held at the Hooksett Public Library,
31 Mount Saint Mary’s Way, Hooksett NH 
on the second Wednesday of the  month, March through November.
There will be a social time from 6-6:30 and all meetings with a program
will have the program first, starting at 6:30. The business meeting
will follow at approx. 7:30.

Founded in 1997 by 12 charter members, the club has been an active part
of the Hooksett community ever since. We welcome new members
You don't have to live in the town of Hooksett to attend a meeting or be a member.
New to the area and want to meet new people? stop by - we’d be happy to meet 
you! Anyone interested in joining, or just curious as to what the club does, is
encouraged to come to a meeting and see what goes on. Some of our members
have extensive gardening knowledge and are Master Gardeners -
 others have learned by trial and
       Programs are free and open to the public unless otherwise noted.
HGC is a member of the New Hampshire Federation of Garden Clubs, Inc.,
National Garden Clubs, Inc., and New England Garden Clubs, Inc.
and through those affiliations many other educational and social
opportunities are availablee to us.

Hooksett Garden Club  OFFICERS 2018-2019
                 President                                      Ron Trexler
                 1st Vice President                       Elena Whitfield 
                 2nd Vice President                     Nancy Barrett
                 Treasurer                                     Doris Sorel
                 Corresponding Secretary          Paula Harris
                 Recording Secretary                  Rachel  Sweeney

HGC Board meetings - the fourth Tuesday 
of the month at the Hooksett Library.

Thank you to everyone who bought wreaths
And swags from us this year. Your continued
support is greatly appreciated.


December 11 Business meeting and Installation of new officers
social time at 6pm followed by meeting and installation at 6:30

December 15, Holiday Party - 
2-5 pm at the home of member Pam Holt.
Members and spouses/guests

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September 2019


The Horticultural Moment for this month was about cleaning up the garden. 

Elena said it is time to start especially if you have mildew on plants such as phlox. 

Cut them down to the ground. If they are not infected leave them alone, for the

plant is still taking in chlorophyll.

She also spoke about milkweed and specifically about another type of caterpillar

that eats milkweed, the Milkweed Tussock Moth. This type has a very wooly appearance

and does not harm the milkweed or interfere with the Monarchs. If you don’t want your

milkweed to increase and take over your garden, cut off the pods. Highways used

to be full of milkweed which spread this way but now they are mowed which has 

seriously decreased the amount of milkweed available to the Monarchs.

Monarchs also love a plant called Tithonia or Mexican Sunflower, a drought

tolerant annual that is easy to grow from seed .

Hooksett Garden Club

Hooksett, New Hampshire

Organized and Federated in 1997

Member of the

New Hampshire Federation of Garden Clubs, Inc. 

National Garden Clubs, Inc.  and New England Garden Clubs, Inc.

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