The HGC held their annual Yankee Swap and Plant Swap at the March meeting, 
the first meeting of the year.

The April meeting had a program on Photographing your Plants by Jessica Trinh,
a member of the Ash Street photography group and also a HGC member. It was a 
very interactive meeting with members and guests photographing some plants that
were set up and getting tips from Jessica.

For the May 8 meeting, instead of a program, the club does their annual Library 
cleanup. It was a nice day and a lot of members participated in weeding, pruning
and raking. New mulch will now be put down.

On May 29 the club held its second Open House at the library. Members had booths,
many created for the event last year, on different subjects pertaining to gardening.
Sue Miner, new NHFGC President stopped by to visit.

June 1st was our annual Plant Sale. By 9am we had lots of customers and we 
actually were not open for business until 10. This continued for most of the day
giving us a very successful plant sales. Kudos to Elena Whitfield who was Chair
along with her co-Chair Valerie Hinckley. We had lot of really nice raffle items 
as well which brought in a lot of sales. Thanks also to R&R Public Wholesale
who graciously offers their parking lot to us each year.

On June 3rd the 52 flower boxes were put on the Memorial Bridge in Hooksett by Phil Arnone,
Crew Chief of Parks and Recreation and Robert Hebert, Assistant Crew Chief. They were put
up about a week later than usual because of the cold, damp weather we have had this spring.
However they look spectacular and continue to get larger each week. 

The program for the June 12 meeting was presented by our President and Master Gardener
Ron Trexler. Ron illustrated his program with slides and spoke on what is compost, why
it is beneficial for us to have it, the different types and how to create it.

The July 10th meeting included a program by Real Fallu of Goffstown,  owner of Perennial 
Design Landscaping. His program was on "Hostas and Companion Plants". He also brought 
plants for sale after his presentation, to the delight of the audience.


On August 14 the business meeting was held on-site at Hip Peas Farm
in Hooksett. Owner Dan Lageux welcomed the group and then Director
of Agricultural Operations, Dan Birnstihl took over and gave us a tour of
the 5.5 acre farm which includes two large high tunnels where they
grow tomatoes and other vegetables.. The business meeting was held
on the property after the tour and refreshments were graciously
provided by the Hip Peas Farm.

Elena Whitfield, HGC member and Master Gardener, provided the 
program for the September 11th meeting. She showed the audience 
how to prepare a bulb garden in a pot which when planted in late 
October or early November will produce a multiple of different flowers, 
in this case tulips, daffodils and hyacinths, in the early spring.

The speaker for the October meeting was Doug Cyan, Invasive Species
Coordinator,  NH Dept of Agriculture. Doug spoke about what criteria
makes a plant invasive, some of the most invasive plants we have and 
what is being done to control or get rid of these plants. He illustrated his 
talk with slides. Also at this meeting, Rachel and Jocelyn collected the 
pajamas and books that members donated to go to the Kiwanis Kids Kloset.





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