The first meeting of the year in February included the club's annual Yankee
Swap/Seed Swap. As you can see everyone had fun and went home with a 
great gift.

Although we were not able to have meetings for the months of March, April and May
we were still able to plant our bridge flowers on May 15 at the LaValley greenhouse in 
Allenstown. They stayed at the greenhouse for a few weeks to get acclimated and then
on June 3 were put on the bridge by the town of Hooksett. This is how they looked at 
different stages though June, July and most of August when sadly they had been 
beaten up by the wind of a hurricane and extreme heat and had to be removed 
earlier than planned.

We want to thank Chris and Danielle LaValley for providing not only the plants but the soil and 
the use of their greenhouse. Without their generosity this project would not have had the success
that it has.
After much deliberation, we decide to go ahead with our plant sale on Saturday, June 6.
Not all members felt comfortable participating but many did. It was probably the most 
successful plant sale we have ever had in terms of the amount of people who came and
we sold out ALL of our plant long before the end time of 2pm. Precautions were taken 
to make sure that people were socially distant and although masks were not mandatory, 
many people did wear them. Thank you people from Hooksett and surrounding towns
who supported us.

We have continued to maintain the library gardens and our other sites throughout the spring and summer.

"Cocktails in the Garden"
Even before the Pandemic, Rachel Sweeney, the program chair, had deceided that in lieu of meetings
in July and August that we would do tours of members' gardens - "Cocktails in the Garden". On 
July 24 we met at the homes of Rachel and Carolyn Taylor, both members and neighbors. One hour
was spent at each house touring their gardens and having refreshments. The night was for members
and spouses only and since it was an outdoor exclusively event we felt it was safe.

On August 4th some of the members of the board met at the library porch to receive the Community 
Impact Award from the Hooksett Kiwanis Club. Although there will be a formal presentation on 
April 13, 2020, the Kiwanis felt that all the recipients should receive their awards before then.

After the success of our first "Cocktails in the Garden",  a second one was held on August 26 at the home
of member Elena Whitfield. Since Elena was the only home we were visiting that night, she had the 
entire two hours. We viewed her large vegetable and flower garden as well as her peach, pear and apple
trees, grapevines and raspberry bushes while having refreshments. As well as a garden tour, 
Elena, who is also a Master Gardener, gave two workshops - one on composting and the second on
growing tomatoes from last years seeds. We were happy to have four new members attend and ended
the evening with a surprise birthday cake for club President Ron Trexler.

The club was invited back again to Hip Peas Farm in Hooksett. Dan Birnstihl, Director of 
Agricultural Operations at the farm, gave a tour of the farms “high tunnels” which at this time of
year were filled with kale, herbs, peppers, lettuce and micro greens, cukes, squash and slicing tomatoes.
Dan gave an overview of the workings of the all organic farm and the club was impressed to see how
much the farm had grown since their visit last August. Members got to meet the two Nubian goats,
Merlin and Malcolm, who were brought in to beat back the brush and poison ivy. Ron conducted a
short meeting after the tours. Pajamas and books for Kiwanis Kids Closet were also collected at this