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Hooksett Garden Club

Hooksett, New Hampshire

Organized and Federated in 1997



Mission Statement

The Hooksett Garden Club wishes to encourage interest in all phases of gardening, floral design and horticulture; aid in the protection and conservation of natural resources; and to assist in the civic beautification of the community.

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The Hooksett Garden Club Plant Sale was held on June 1st at the Hooksett Library. We had a fabulous day – great weather and everything just falling into place. This was our second year at the library and we are so greatful to have such a great venue. We would like to thank all the people who came to support our club and purchase our plants. Your support keeps the plant sale going from year to year.

June 26

Business meeting at the Hooksett Public Library. No speaker scheduled.


June 24

In lieu of a regular business meeting club members are going to visit the gardens of Jane Beaulieu of Manchester. Jane was featured in the 2022 Palace Theatre Garden Tour for her large property on South Main Street which features a 100 year old Elm and black walnut trees, fruit trees and berry bushes; a pool area featuring a 25 ft. long arbor holding up champagne grape vines; an old wooden boat filled with vegetables; and a garden filled with many kinds of perennials. This is a members only event.


August 28

The August meeting will be held, for the third time, at Hip Peas Farm in Hooksett. This also is a members only event.

Also in August –  last year Pleasant View Gardens in Loudon held an Open House for garden clubs and vendors who purchased plants. This year it is only open to vendors. But the public is still invited to tour their facilities so a field trip is pending for members who would like to go there. Date as yet to be determined.


September 25

We will be back at the Hooksett Library for our September meeting and our speaker will be Fran Bader a florist who will create several designs while explaining what she is doing. This meeting is free and open to the public. The program starts at 6:30 in the lower level of the library.


October 23

Elena Whitfield, a Master Gardener and HGC member will present the program for the October meeting. She will show how to plant a bulb garden in layers that can be put aside and will bloom in the spring. This is free and open to the public.The program starts at 6:30 in the lower level of the library.

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