Continuing Club Projects

Library Gardens

    This is a continuing project to beautify the Hooksett Public Library with perennials, shrubs, a butterfly garden and annual planters. All members are expected to participate. The summer of 2014 an irrigation system put in place - a joint effort of the library and the HGC. In 2021 the garden became a Certified Monarch Waystation and the garden is a work in progress with new plantings, a new stone path meandering throughtout the garden and eventually new signage.

Town Welcome Areas

    This includes the "Welcome to Hooksett" sign at the town's southern entrance on Hooksett Rd. and the kidney shaped "Point Garden" located at the intersection of Rt. 3A and Main Street known as the Point.

Granite Water Trough

  For the past dozen years, garden club members have placed seasonal plantings in this large container located on Main Street in front of the Historical Society.

Bridge of Flowers

    The first 13 flower boxes went on the Hooksett Memorial Bridge in 2011. This project between the town and the HGC was initiated by members Doris Sorel and Betty Mae Parnell. The flower boxes now have an irrigation system which waters them automatically three times a day and an automatic fertilizing system. These were  large projects and involved working with the state of NH D.O.T for permits; the town of Hooksett (specifically Diane Boyce, Director of Public Works; Phil Arnone, Parks and Recreation Foreman ); North Point Outdoors and Macy Industries, Inc. In May each year, Bridge Committee members plant the 52 flower boxes and they are put on the bridge approximately around Memorial Day. For the past several years, Chris and Danielle LaValley have donated the plants and in 2021 they provided different plants for spring, summer and fall. That continues in 2023.   

Christmas Decorations

    Each year the club, with help from the town, decorates with wreaths.  At The Point, small evergreen trees are adorned with white lights. The library receives a 24" decorated wreath with a large red bow for its front portico and a smaller wreath for the back entrance.

June Plant Sale

    The first fund raiser of the year. All members are asked to contribute perennials from their gardens to sell at this annual event.

Annual Wreath Sale

    Our second large fund raiser of the year for the HGC. All members are encouraged to participate in the important event. Sales are made during October, money is due at the end of October and on the Saturday after Thanksgiving orders are delivered to the Hooksett Library. These two fund raisers help fund the clubs activities, and give us money to spend on community beautification.

Whiskey Barrels filled with Flowers

    Our newest project was approved by the Town Council in May 2023. Two large whiskey barrels filled with seasonal plants are placed at the entrance to the Lilac Bridge at each end of the bench and two are next to the bench in Veterans Park.